TOM BARR | Circuit Clerk

Tom Barr was re-elected Circuit Clerk of Greene County in November 2018 and began his second term of office on January 1, 2019. He graduated from Rockhurst University in Kansas City with a BA in Political Science. Prior to elected office, he was an entrepreneur and small business owner for over thirty years. Tom’s community involvement includes serving as a member of the Mercy Foundation Board and a member of Rotary Club of Springfield Sunrise. He is a past President of the Boys and Girls Club of Springfield. In addition, he has been a past board member of the Springfield Branson National Airport Board, Springfield Board of Public Utilities (CU) and Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce.

Document that is issued by court for reinstatement of license when license has been suspended For failure to appear or failure to pay.
Newer Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed from 2008 to the present;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed from 2006 to the present.
Older Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed before 2008;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed before 2006.