Traffic Division


Contact:  (417) 868-4074 (option #5)

The Traffic division is comprised of eleven employees, each holding various responsibilities in processing traffic cases.  Job duties within the division include, but are not limited to: Case Initiations (opening the case), Pleadings (documents filed by parties), Dispositions (judgment), Records Requests/Copies, and License Suspensions. The Traffic Division is responsible for different types of tickets and for processing those cases from beginning to end: Greene County Traffic Bureau.

When you were issued your traffic ticket a court date was provided by the officer. It is always advisable to check prior to that court date to ensure your ticket has been filed with the courts. You may access and search by litigant name. First, select the 31st Judicial Circuit from the field titled "Search For Cases In" and enter your name as shown on your ticket. Next, in the field "Year Case was Filed", enter the year your ticket was issued and then click "Find". If you cannot locate your case, please contact our office at 417-868-4074 (option #4). If you do not have access to, please feel free to call our office at the above number.

Greene County Traffic Bureau (GCTB) Tickets

The first type of ticket is the Greene County Traffic Bureau (GCTB) cases.  These tickets are typically issued by the Greene County Sheriff, and may or may not require a court appearance.  Minor infractions such as seat belt tickets, failure to display plates and lower speeding tickets can be paid through the Circuit Clerk’s office without appearing in court.  The Deputy Sheriff will give you a list of the charges that gives the fines and court costs for those charges.  A court date will be written on the ticket.  If you fail to pay your ticket on or before the court date, a warrant will be issued for your arrest and you will have to appear before a judge.  If the ticket is for an appearance required charge, you will need to appear on your court date.  At that time, you can enter a plea of Guilty or Not Guilty.  If you plead guilty, the judge will normally assess fines and costs at that time.  If you plead not guilty, the Judge will set the case for hearing at a later date and you will have to appear on the hearing date.  Again, if you fail to appear, a warrant will be issued for your arrest.








Driver Improvement Program (DIP) Information

If a driver pleads guilty to a moving violation by paying all fines and costs to the Greene County Traffic Bureau and completes DIP within 60 days of the guilty plea, no points are assessed on a Missouri driver's license. However, if the driver has a commercial driver's license (CDL) or is driving a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV), the driver is not eligible to use DIP.

You can obtain a list of approved DIP courses and Motorcycle Rider Courses from the Missouri Safety Center online or by calling (800) 801-3588 or (660) 543-4081. View information online for Motorcycle Rider Courses or call (660) 543-4834.


Greene County Traffic Bureau
Schedule of Fines and Costs

Court Costs

Greene County Traffic Bureau Tickets:        $88.50 if paid prior to court date
                                                                           $98.50 if you appear in court                                                                         

Other Traffic Tickets:                                      $98.50
                                                                           $94.50 if ticket is amended by the court to a no-point infraction

Lower Misdemeanor Costs:                           $121.50

Higher Misdemeanor Costs:                          $144.50

Circuit Felony Costs if lowered
by the court to a misdemeanor                    $144.50

Circuit Felony Costs:                                      $311.50

Please note these are basic court costs.  Additional costs may be assessed for witness fees, law enforcement recoupment costs, drug testing, etc.

***Fines are assessed separately and in addition to court costs.


If you are issued only one ticket, please pay the amount shown in the total column for that violation. 


Speeding 11-15 miles over limit fine — $114.50
Court costs — $88.50

Total due — $203.00


If you are issued more than one ticket after a stop, you will only pay one court cost no matter how many violations, but will pay fines for each violation.


Speeding 11-15 miles over limit fine — $114.50
No valid plate fine — $14.50
Court costs — $88.50
Total due — $217.50

Document that is issued by court for reinstatement of license when license has been suspended For failure to appear or failure to pay.
Newer Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed from 2008 to the present;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed from 2006 to the present.
Older Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed before 2008;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed before 2006.