Greene County Probate Court


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The Probate Division of the 31st Judicial Circuit has statutory authority over the estates of deceased persons and incapacitated or disabled adults and minors, which may include a Guardianship or Conservatorship.  The Probate Division also adjudicates cases involving wills and trusts, the estates of deceased persons who did not have a will, and cases involving a civil commitment to treatment facilities of persons who are mentally ill or who have substance abuse problems.  The Probate Division Clerk is in the Judicial Court Facility, but in a location separate from the Circuit Clerk, and is the proper place to file matters properly under the authority of the Probate Division.

Case information may be accessed via

Court Clerks are prohibited from giving legal advice pursuant to 484.020 RSMo.  

Court Clerks may provide limited assistance in filling out forms necessary for obtaining an order of refusal of letters pursuant to 473.091 RSMo.


Probate Procedures

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Document that is issued by court for reinstatement of license when license has been suspended For failure to appear or failure to pay.
Newer Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed from 2008 to the present;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed from 2006 to the present.
Older Cases:
Civil and Domestic cases filed before 2008;
Criminal and Traffic cases filed before 2006.